Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Hummers Are Back

I decided that since I don't have any quilt-y things done for blogging I thought I would post a blurb and picture of our returning outdoor occupants... hummingbirds.

The other day the kids and I were sitting at the table eating lunch and gazing out the sliding glass window when we noticed a hummingbird buzz the feeders. (I didn't take them down over winter and didn't clean them out at the end of summer. So, whatever was in there had to have been yucky.) That little bird scoped out each feeder a couple of times before flying and hovering about ten inches from the sliding glass door as if to say "Hello in there. Weeee're back and need fooooood!" That prompted me to clean the feeders and yep, they were kinda yucky. One even had a spider living in it. I made some food for one feeder and hung it up.

The next day three hummers arrived and the grouchy, this-is-all-my-food, resident had returned. This little bird spends most of his/her time chasing the others away. Apparently, it needs lots of food. It may be one that knows me all too well, though. I have a tendency to go strong at the beginning of the season, filling the feeders regularly, then putter out. The poor things. So this little guy maybe staking claim to all he can and get it all while the gettin' is good. The picture above was taken a couple of years ago, 2009 to be exact, through the kitchen window. I really liked the morning sun shining on this little bird as it perched itself on the dinner "bell", soaking up the early sun. All of it's colors are were very shimmery and pretty.

This picture was taken on a different day that year, notice the Oregon "sunshine" (raindrops) on the dinner "bell". This little hummer was cleaning itself and doing all these contortion-looking moves. Maybe it was yoga, bird style. They sure are cute! They will be fun to watch this year and see their personalities shine. Maybe "grouchy" will have some equal competition show up... time will tell.
Happy Spring,

And I pledge to not putter out this year and keep the feeders filled. :o)

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