Sunday, March 11, 2012

Our silly dog

Cici, our bassett hound, joined our family almost a year ago. She is now two years old. Yep, as the math facts speak, we did not get to enjoy the cute bassett puppy looks. Fortunately though, we also passed up the chewing phase. That probably saved a lot of shoes and other chewy "treasures".

You might say we are experiencing some "terrible two" moments with her, or teenager years (if you count doggy years). Being the hound dog, her short little legs follow that nose and sometimes she will still be listening for us to call her back, but those other days the hearing is turned off. Let me tell ya, don't let those short legs fool you, she can cover some ground in a short time, sometimes right off the property.

This particular day, we had some warmth and sun, so outdoors we went. She is a fair weathered doggy, takes after me, and wants to be outside as much as possible. How else is she to keep up on the smelly trails of varmints and cats? Maybe with her aggressive sounding bark the deer will stay away and my tulips will bloom. Hmmm? I'll keep you posted. She enjoyed about half the day outside and was kinda whooped by dinner time. It's tough coming off of winter hibernation.

This picture of her just makes me smile. Those long floppy ears and the look on her face just says "I'm a happy dog". And that she truly is. She has also been a great addition to our family.

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  1. Wonderful story, and yup, that's definitely her. What a wonderful and sweet pup she is. How lucky you and she to have found one another. Wonderfully written :)